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I’ve been working with amazing women like you for the past three years. Here’s my “why.”

When I reached the age of 40, I went through multiple losses of parents and a sibling in a short time. I could not get much support that addresses losses in a brief period. How does an adult cope with those multiple losses? So I set out on my journey to be that person for others. Three years later, I’ve helped many women utilize the right support system, accept loss, and engage in new interests in life. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with unbelievable females across the globe.

And the journey is only beginning…

I discovered that it is essential to admit our feelings about grief aloud and journal them to slow down the self-destructive inner critic. After acknowledging our pain, the reality came to me that It’s OKAY that I AM not OKAY. Sitting with grief deals honestly with the pain is part of the healing process.

I am an independent thinker and I don’t waste my time on external validations. I learned that I was losing myself during my raw pain of grief and loneliness, I was dying to belong to somebody after going through a traumatic event. It was painful yet grateful to walk into the woods with no road map. I finally realize that I matter, I am worthy, and damned I am so disciplined with my workout and managing my eating habits like a trooper.

Sandy Linda
Brooke Castillo
From grief to gratitude certified coach badge.
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“To disrupt the one-side grief model by teaching folks how to move beyond grief and develop a purposeful life.”

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Sandy Linda wants to break down any stigma related to grief and mental health to assist her clients take control of their emotional worlds. Being a human means having a complex set of emotions. Expressing them is necessary for a better understanding of ourselves and to be able to make peace with them. During our sessions, we’ll recognize the significance of discussing a painful topic, such as grief, while giving you the voice to express it.

Her methods, approach, and knowledge will give you significant insight into how to develop a healthy relationship with your emotions.

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Mourning and Healing Consultant

In 2015 Sandy Linda had gone through multiple losses in a short period. Pain, grief, loss, loneliness, all those things and more – Sandy lost hope, confidence, and sense of self. It was like she was lost at sea, barely staying afloat, drifting farther away from joy, love, light, everything that made life beautiful. Sandy searched for resources that offered concrete support for real-life substances that respected the range of emotions in her grieving processes.

She was shocked to discover the lack of information on cumulative grief and loss that left her feeling isolated and alone. As a believer in the healing and build-up knowledge of research, Sandy launched the “Overcoming Grief” podcast geared towards folks who have encountered multiple losses of a parent or a sibling and fill those emotional voids in the grief and mental health space.

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Sandy Linda is your best option for grief and life coaching services. She has been a life coach since 2019, which has given her a rich background of clients and experience. She wants to share her tips, secrets, advice, and practical knowledge about the grieving process and how to go through grief in a healthy and nurturing way.

“Grief and mental health are publicly stigmatized within the current culture. I recognize the significance and importance of discussing a painful and often avoided topic. Giving voice to others who suffer from cumulative grief is essential for our grieving process.”

With her support, you can find a safe space to express yourself and achieve improvement in your emotional and personal life. Sandy Linda believes in the importance of mental health advocacy and the power of emotional expressions. All the feelings we hold in ourselves can accumulate and generate stress and pain. Our culture tells us to be happy all the time and always show a smile, which can make us feel isolated during difficult times.


Brooke Castillo
From grief to gratitude certified coach badge.


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